It's official, you no longer have to leave your home to get pretty much any of the Utica food that you love, as well as most chains, too. Chesterfield's, Ocean Blue, The Tailor and The Cook and over 100 other area restaurants started offering Doordash service yesterday and we're curious why ideas like this never really took off before now. After all, we can do most of our shopping and even can work from home in many cases, so why have pizza and Chinese places had the monopoly on delivery for so long?

Of course there is a lot to be said for eating out as it's not just about the food and not having to make it, but also the atmosphere and experience and a change of scenery. However, sometimes you just want to taste a certain food (even fine dining) but just wanna stay in your PJs... Problem solved.

Just grab the Doordash app and all of the available restaurants are grouped by food type so you don't have to scroll through all 100+ of them to find what you want. Each restaurant only shows up when it's actually open and for your first 30 days as a customer your delivery fee is only $1 per order over $10. Check out more at Doordash's website here.

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