West Winfield residents won't be without a food store for long as the new Dollar General Plus will be opening this summer to replace the 'Great American' that closed.

While Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are closing a large number of stores, Dollar General is still expanding into communities like West Winfield. It's good to hear that Dollar General 'Plus' is officially opening in West Winfield at the end of June or beginning of July. The community has been scrambling since the Great American closed for good in February.

The definition of a Dollar General Plus is the relocation and expansion of an existing store in the area showing their commitment to the community. Dollar General Plus locations are larger than traditional Dollar General stores that have more coolers/freezers to keep more perishable items in stock. We're told they will carry fresh produce, meat, milk, bread, snacks and more.

Lou Pappan from M & M properties, tells West Winfield Mayor Andy Bryce, that the old Great American building is now owned by M&M Properties who will lease the building to Dollar General Corp. All the permits have been filed for the sign and renovations needed to open the store.

Bryce says the entire building will be revamped. Contractors will gut the building bringing most of it down to the studs. There will be all new electrical, plumbing and more. Even the parking lot will be redone, the potholes will be fixed and then they'll resurface it with asphalt.

Supermarket News (SN) reported on Dollar General's expansion details for 2019 and they include opening 975 new stores, remodel 1,000 mature stores and relocate 100 stores.  Of the 1,000 planned remodels, about 500 will be conversions to the DGTP (Dollar General Traditional Plus) format and about 200 will add produce.

CEO Todd Vasos of Dollar General Corp. says "Food remains a linchpin of Dollar General Corp.’s efforts to expand its store base and fine-tune its retail formats" The company has implemented a “Better-For-You” initiative to offer customers healthier food. (SN)

Photo Credit: Christine Bryce.
Photo Credit: Christine Bryce.

Mayor Andy Bryce has been going above and beyond to help community members without transportation get to a grocery store for their weekly shopping. Bryce had to move fast as the former owners of the Great American said they were closing the store sooner rather than later. He worked with the West Winfield school and arranged for a bus to transport community members to the Richfield Springs Price Chopper. for their shopping. Mayot Bryce tells us:

I feel a moral obligation to this community to make sure their needs are taken care of especially making sure they have food. If they don't have a vehicle or family nearby we can help get them to a grocery store.


The next scheduled bus to the Richfield Springs Price Chopper is set for March 25 for a 9 AM pickup at the Talbot House on rt 51 South Street. The Mayor said he would continue the service as long as there's a need.

As of Nov. 2, Dollar General operated 15,227 stores in 44 states.

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