The dog suffering from bone cancer that went viral after being pictured sleeping with a vet tech has passed away.

Rizzo took a turn for the worst. "We could no longer control the pain so we let her go," said Cindy Siddon.

Rizzo went through chemotherapy to treat the cancer and even had one leg amputated. She developed an uncommon side effect of the cancer. "We were treating her every week with some experimental holistic treatments and pain meds."

Taylor Calhoun, is a licensed vet tech at Clinton Pet Vet. She napped with the dog on her lunch break every Thursday when she comes in for her infusions. "This is bedside manner. We may not be perfect at Clinton Pet Vet but we certainly don’t lack for compassion or empathy."

Photo Credit - Cindy Siddon
Photo Credit - Cindy Siddon

Rizzo came from a shelter in North Carolina where she was picked up by animal control for chasing chickens. "She was absolutely wild when I got her," Siddon said. "Lots of energy and no manners whatsoever. I spent hours walking her and working with her. Somewhere along the line she morphed into a really nice dog."

For nearly a year Rizzo fought her cancer battle. "She breezed through all of the treatments and had a great bucket year," said Siddon.

But the battle has come to an end. "I always bury my dogs with something that holds special significance in their lives," said Siddon who plans to give Rizzo an shirt so she will always carry the scent with her. "My house is very quiet tonight."

Clinton Pet Vet is a small animal hospital that specializes in both traditional and holistic pet care including acupuncture, food and Chinese herbal therapy.

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