How important is trust in your relationship?

How much do you trust your partner? Do you trust your partner enough to give them access to your phone? A shocking number of people don't.

I'm not a marriage counsellor and I certainly shouldn't give out any relationship advice but I do know that a good foundation to any relationship is trust.

You can get through a lot as a couple so long as there's a good amount of trust. Things just go so much more smooth.

Does your partner have unlimited access to your phone or any access at all? It's a simple question but just thinking about it makes me cringe a little bit.

My wife has my pin. It's pretty simple but I'm not thrilled about it. I'm not hueing anything major but I'm definitely hiding some things. It's almost like the only thing in my life that gets to be private. It's almost like my journal.

No, I don't text other women. I don't have a secret Tinder account but I do vent to my friends about her if we're arguing. I guess I have less issues with her being on my phone as much as I do allowing her to have access to my browser history. You know, in case she accidentally gets on my Amazon account and see's all the cool stuff I'm buying for her.

My wife has the pin to access my phone and I have hers but we rarely use one another's. If you have your own phone then why would you need to use your partners?

Are you just fishing for something? Does having access bring you peace of mind?

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