Everyone is in love with the Hump Day Camel commercial from Geico. Does the Camel have a name?

According to CBS, the Camels name is......Caleb!

The "Hump Day" commercial is not Caleb's only starring role. He also appeared in a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video, and in movies, including "Transformers 2." But it was "Hump Day" that made him a star with more than 13 million views on YouTube. Abbey Klaassen, editor for the marketing and media publication Advertising Age, said, "You know, it is unusual to get an ad that has this kind of staying power."

And "Hump Day" is likely to end up as the most watched commercial of the year. It was also the most shared ad all summer."

So there we have it, Caleb is a star!

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