People that know me outside radio know I am a former active duty Marine during the Vietnam conflict. I fired just about every weapon the Marines had during my training at Camp Pendelton in California. I was part of the 4th Tank Battalion attached to Miramar in San Diego California.

While I don't think we should stop the ownership of weapons I do think if you are not an active duty soldier, active reservist or a member of the local police force, I find it very hard to justify the ownership of any semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon to anyone that is not one of the above.

I know hunters will take exception to what I've written saying it's their right under the constitution to bear arms. I will repeat what I have said above; there is no reason to hunt with a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon. We have seen the damage these weapons can do and I can't justify ownership of these weapons by the general public for any reason.

I think it's about time the NRA come up with a plan to address the issues associated with semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons. If you don't like what is proposed, come up with an alternative solution. The days of sitting back and doing nothing are gone. if you don't act you may end up with a solution nobody likes. We simply can not continue with the status quo.

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