The rainy season has begun and we can only expect more downpours. Heavy rain can be a major factor for accidents. Do you need to have your headlights on during a rainstorm or snowstorm in New York? This is what the law says.

When your on the road during inclement weather and there is low visibility the key is to be seen as much as possible. What is the best way to make sure your car is seen? Thankfully, your car was equipped with two lights that can allow your vehicle to be seen from several yards away. If your car's headlights are functioning at full power then they can shine just over 100 yards.

If your vehicle is visible then it can prevent an accident. If having your headlights on can stop an accident and possible fatality why wouldn't you use them? It turns out that many New Yorkers are breaking the law and they may not even know it. There are several states that require drivers to have their headlights on whenever their windshield wipers in being used.

What's the law in New York?

According to the New York DMV's website, New York State law requires motorists to turn on their headlights when their windshield wipers are in use. Motorists are to do this during snow, rain and fog. The DMV states that "daylights" do no constitute as headlights. Do you make sure your headlights are on during inclement weather?


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