My father used to say to me, "You just have to live die, and pay taxes". And normally that means getting your paperwork filed with the IRS by April 15th.  But this year, New Yorkers will have a couple of extra days.

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We all know by now, that the Deadline for filing your taxes usually falls on April the 15th.  For the past 68 years, tax day has been set to fall on April 15th ever since congress changed the filing date from March when they revised the Internal Revenue Code in 1954.

According to the website there have been 26 times since 1954 that the tax day deadline had to be moved off of April the 15th.  This year just so happens to be one of those times.

This year's deadline has been pushed to Monday, April the 18th.  But why?  For the last two years, the IRS has extended the tax filing deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While everyone was getting used to a newly vaccinated and masked-up life, Uncle Sam gave us all just a little more time to get our taxes done. But this year, the extension for COVID is off the books.

Personally, I usually get all of my taxes done on the first day of February.  But, due to having a toddler, a renegade washing machine, a dead hot water heater, and wind damage on my roof, I kind of put off doing my taxes until I had all of that taken care of.  I was actually relieved to learn that I had a few extra days to wrap things up after I did some research earlier this week.

So, back to the question as to why we have until Monday, April 18th to file our taxes this year.  The answer lies in a holiday that is celebrated in Washington DC, where the IRS is headquartered.   Emancipation Day is celebrated in the District of Columbia each year on April the 16th.  But, because the 16th falls on a Saturday this year, the holiday is being observed on the closest weekday, which happens to be the day before on Friday, April 15th.  The traditional tax day.  With the holiday being celebrated on April 15th, the IRS offices are closed for the day, and the deadline was extended until Monday, April 18th.

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