This 18-month-old 24 pound Sheltie is lost and trying to get back to his home in Whitesboro, but he is terrified, and when approached, he will run.

We don't normally do stories on lost dogs, but we couldn't resist because of all the locations where he has been spotted. It's like a Where's Waldo game.

Darlene DeIorio Benson

This Sheltie answers to Marty or his original name, Sniper. He has been lost for more than 3 weeks. He is starving, exhausted, beyond scared, and in-flight mode.

OUR SHELTIE HAS BEEN SEEN EVERYWHERE, including Commercial Drive, Seneca Turnpike, Price Chopper, Aldi’s, the Mall, Route 5 at Tiffany’s and CherryWood. THANKS TO ALL YOUR LOVING HELP, we are NOT GIVING UP!!! He is scared and is on the run, not knowing who to trust. PLEASE CONTINUE TO WATCH FOR HIM

Darlene DeIorio Benson is trying to find the dog for her parents. The dog is very attached to Darlene's dad. He slipped through the open door to go looking for him on October 10th, 2020. Unfortunately, he is still out there running in a two or three-mile circle trying to find his way home to Bob's Brae in Herthum Hills in Whitesboro.

Darlene DeIorio Benson

Marty has been spotted several times but is very skittish and bolts if you approach him. They do have someone setting up traps in various locations to try to capture him. If you see the dog, DO NOT APPROACH; note the location and call 315-733-6666 first and then 315-525-1338 Or 315-768-2971 OR 315-527-1106.

Darlene DeIorio Benson

Darlene's last posts says:

If you see him, please just watch where he’s headed and call Animal Control IMMEDIATELY at 315-733-6666. They are aware he’s out there - and are on board to help. BECAUSE MARTY IS SOO SCARED, he will not come to you. Call the number and follow him for as long as you can....... This community has been sooo helpful to us and we couldn’t be more grateful. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Let's hope this story has a happy ending and Marty makes it home safe and sound.

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