We believe that a haunting takes place around a certain geographic location, person or object.  But does the time of the year make a difference in higher spirit activity?  It might and it's called the Seasonality of the Supernatural.

“It was a dark and stormy night that October….”

Out of all of the topics regarding the paranormal, the one that seems to come up the most frequently is that of the seasonal or time-centric nature of hauntings.

Many people know of haunted houses or other reportedly haunted locations and report the same precursor to an encounter with the paranormal – “It was late at night.” This is not only the start of every clichéd story but the start of many real-world accounts of encounters with the paranormal. The same can be said of the seasonality, late fall particularly October seem to be when most paranormal accounts seem to take place. Many people question why does this happen? Why late at night? Why in the Fall?

The skeptics often claim that late at night the brain is fatigued and can no longer process as well as it did earlier in the day, so irrational anomalies are experienced. Psychologists would argue that most people already have certain preconceptions about these particular times and are predisposed toward irrational experiences. People have seen one too many horror movies and these times, these settings, evoke those innate fears.

In terms of the supernatural, there is not only a sense of setting for the ghostly activity but there is also quite a bit of science that seems to play a part in these increased reports of activity. In late fall the air becomes dry and the natural magnetic fields can become stronger, the same is true of the timing late at night. Increased magnetic fields increases the chances of slight magnetic anomalies.

So, whether you’re the skeptic, psychology fan or science buff there are many potential reasons behind the increased reports of paranormal accounts. This doesn’t mean that ghost can’t be found at high-noon in July, it just means that more people tend to report these encounters at these times.

[Contributed by NY Shadow Chasers]