Arguably one of the bloodiest battles that occurred during the Civil War, odds are pretty good that there is some unrest in the small town in Pennsylvania.  So Chip decides to take a peek. During the extended weekend, the family and I decided to check things out for ourselves.  We found that if you walk down Steinwehr Ave, you'll discover many places that offer different types of tours.  Some are walking tours that take you around the area near the battleground and point out places that have seen the most activity, while others will take you out with sensitive equipment designed to conjure up spirits.  We took a walking tour that was interesting, although my camera came up empty of any unexplained images.  I'm pretty much convinced that these tours are designed for entertainment purposes only, although, not denying that some have discovered something in and around the town.  50,000 deaths from Jul 1 through Jul 3, 1863, pretty good chance there is a spirit running around somewhere.  You can see more at their website here:

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