Did a deadly accident on a New York road leave a paranormal trace that haunts drivers to this day, or is the story of a Central New York road with 13 curves an urban legend? Decide for yourself, it's just 50 minutes from Utica.

Like story of 13 Curves Road, actually Cedarville Road in Marcellus, goes something like this: over 60 years ago, a newly married couple a driving down the treacherous and curved road, when the groom loses control of the car, sending the vehicle down an embankment, into a creek, killing the couple. Another version has the groom surviving, only to come across the body of his bride as he crawls away from the wreckage.

Drivers along the road report seeing the glowing figure of the bride, still in her gown, walking along the roadside. Some say they see the bride, glowing orange lantern in hand, and others say they could actually feel the presence of the bride in their car.

Curiously, when a Syracuse paranormal society examined the legend, they did find records indicating a fatal accident occurred on the winding road in the 1940s.

While making our way around the sixth curve, a dim glowing white shape appeared in the road ahead of us. It slowly made its way from the left side of the road to the right. When it got right in the middle of the road, it stopped and turned towards us. It was about the height of an average woman, but it was not very well defined––it was more of a static-y blur than a clear image. It did have a red glow up near where the head would approximately be on a human being.

...the shape darted to the right, off the side of the road, disappearing.

If you want to check it out yourself, you can find Cedarville Road just 40 minutes from Utica.


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