One Syracuse family actually found a lost sister thanks to the DNA kit that was a gift last Christmas.

Every Christmas Justin Gerace comes home from California to join his family to celebrate the holidays. Last year Justin bought  Jim and Jackie Gerace an Ancestry DNA kits. The family thought it would be fun to see their makeup and thought that would be as far as it would go.. Little did the family know that it would lead them to their long lost sister that was put up for adoption so many years ago.

Besides finding a sister the family found out she has lived all these years a short 25 miles away, ate at the same restaurants, shopped at the same stores and now has found her long-lost family.

I always look at these advertisements and wonder do they really work?  Well, it would appear they really do work. Needless to say, the family has a new member at the dinner table on all the holidays now and who would have thought it all started with that Ancestry DNA kit.

So, if you think these tests don't work I'm here to tell you they do and the Gerace family would tell you the same.


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