In the winter, New York state is a giant playground for snowmobilers. There's so many trails, through scenic mountains, riders can enjoy. But some find it necessary to ride on private property or closed trails and this time those snowmobilers are being called out.

A snowmobile club gave a 'big shout out' to the riders on closed trails. "We cant thank you enough that you ignored our trail closed signs, which you rode right past," the club shared on Facebook.

It happened Sunday, January 10th in the West Charlton/Galway area on trails C8B, C7D & S83B. "You completely removed the gate and fencing we and the landowner installed on Saturday to keep snowmobiles off of the closed trails and off private property," wrote the club. "And it's just awesome that while riding on the closed off private property, where snowmobiles have never been allowed to ride, that you decided to leave your trash and tear up the crop field."

Photo Credit - Charlton Snowmobile Club via Facebook
Photo Credit - Charlton Snowmobile Club via Facebook

The lack of respect from snowmobilers refusing to follow trails has caused 3 large landowners in the area to permanently close their properties. "We have been tirelessly working the past several months to reroute these areas as it is and now we have another area to reroute," the Charlton Snowmobile Club said. "Apparently you and the other disrespectful snowmobilers, that can not stay on the marked trails, think it is great that you can do what ever you want. When is enough, enough? A giant thank you from the Trail Crew and law abiding members."

Keith Canary owns 23 acres and says there is a path for snowmobilers at the end of his property, but they don't always follow it. "One year over and over, they circled the house in the middle of the night causing the dog to bark and wake up the babies," he shared on Facebook.

The Snowmobile Trail System includes over 8,000 miles of snowmobile trails stretching from one end of New York state to the other, crossing both public and private land along the way. The trail system is administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and is maintained by snowmobile clubs and funded, in part, by a portion of snowmobile registration fees.

Need to know what trails are open? There's an app for that. The Sled NY Snowmobile Trails App includes trail status, reroutes, local club trails, trail closures, alerts, services, as well as scenic vistas and business Points of Interest. The app can also target your location and follow your travel as you go.

Snowmobile Clubs around the state work tirelessly opening, re-routing, grooming and maintaining trails for everyone to enjoy every winter. It only takes a few disrespectful riders to ruin it for everyone. Please learn to respect the trails, the land and the landowners when out riding.

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