A random act of kindness leads to a Utica waitress getting new glasses.

Elizabeth Stockton needed a job to get herself some new glasses after hers broke. Frank Cotrupe, owner of The Hub Eatery in Utica, hired her to help her out.

Ken Smith noticed the broken glasses while he was dining at the restaurant and tipped her $100 bucks so Stockton could get some new ones. "What got me was she did not let it get her down," said Smith. "She still was at work doing a good job."

"All this time I've been thinking how we can get her new glasses," said Frank Cotrupe of The Hub. "Ken answered my question."

Thank you to Frank for getting Stockton in the door, by giving her a job and to Ken for helping her replace the broken glasses.

It's nice to know there are generous people in the world and it seems central New York is filled with them.

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