Did you know Oscar winning director Francis Ford Coppola, no relation to the bird, makes wine, and very good wine at that. His chardonnay is our feature for this week's 'Wine a Little Wednesday.'

Francis Ford Coppola makes great movies and I think even better wines. This time around we'll check out an outstanding Chardonnay from Francis Coppola, yes the same one that did The Godfather.

This winery in Geyserville, California is nothing short of amazing. Do take the time to wonder around the winery site. I think you find it's just as amazing as Coppola's movies. This weeks feature is Francis Coppola's Chardonnay. It is very good and has that Summer feel to it. Do try it. I know you will like it as much as I do.

Every Wednesday we'll look at a different wine and I'll give you my impression of the reds, whites, and red blends. After all, wine is good for your heart in moderation. The next time you are in your store that carries adult beverages, ask the person running the store if they do any wine tasting. If so, try to find out when and taste a number of different whites to see if any peek your interest. I'm sure you will find a few.

We'll see you next week for Wine A Little Wednesday.


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