Apparently humans and the Bald Eagle share a common trait.  As we get older our hair changes color. Who knew?

I'm thankful for the day I met Willian Straite, the Wildlife Photographer from Prospect. NY. He has taught me more about America's symbol than I ever imagined. Now, I'm even more grateful, as he has agreed to share his stunning pics and knowledge with us on a weekly basis.

Today, William shares a fact only a few of us may have known. The Bald Eagle develops their "bald' or white head as they age.  While they don't go bald like many humans, their trademark white head develops as they get older. Check out William's photos of Eagles at various ages.


Eagles Aren't Born With White Heads

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This graphic, used with permission from Avian, shows the changing colors as the birds get older:


Anything and everything you want to know about Eagles is available at Avian Report's website. You can learn about their nesting habits, eggs, talons, and preferred habitats to name just a few subjects.

Meanwhile, William Straite captures more than Eagles, for instance look at the pics of a rare Snowy Owl he captured visiting New York from the Arctic.

New York's Majestic Eagles

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