Conversation on Wednesday during the Keeler Show drew a complaint about my comparison of the condom and promiscuity, to unsafe behavior and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Comment from listener: 

Good Morning,

Today and on other days Bill has made reference to condoms when discussing Covid-19 vaccination.

The comparisons is crude and unprofessional.  I realize this is talk radio but there should be some standard.  This type of talk is not necessary during a discussion on a serious topic like Covid-19.

Please do not use my name on air.

I read the listener's complaint without using his or her name and we discussed the comparison on-air. I'm posting it here, because I do feel like the comparison is worthy of discussion. In fact, I think it's a perfect analogy.

Here's my response:

First, you asked me not to read your name on the air and I honored that. I did choose to use the email as show content, because that’s what I do for a living.
Second, I probably would have also turned down the radio so my daughter didn’t hear the comparison when she was at that age.

I am sorry you feel that my comparison isn’t a good one and crosses a line. I would be lying to you if I told
you I agree. I do, however, appreciate your opinion.  

Here’s where I’m coming from.

Remember, my comparison was made after a gentleman in Syracuse said, “If the vaccine is so good then why do they still want me to wear a mask and why are vaccinated people
getting COVID?”  I made the comparison to wearing a condom and I stand by it.

The fact is, by definition both a condom and the COVID-19 vaccine are prophylactics. While both are effective, they are not 100% effective in preventing disease. The comparison focused on the fact that almost everyone understands that unprotected sex among strangers is dangerous. Similarly, I feel based on the science, hanging around people who are not protected by the vaccine is also risky behavior right now.

WIBX does have strict standards when it comes to decency and content. Sadly however, the world of promiscuity has seeped into our news and politics and it is from time to time a part of newscasts and talk show content.

In 1992, I was fired after I refused to abide by a ban on words that included the term condom. I believe the world is a better place today because we’re able to openly discuss topics (and words) like these. I hope that my comment today, even if considered a bit provocative to some, might have persuaded even one person into getting the vaccine which could very well result in saving their life, or someone else's.

I hope we can agree to disagree on this one. Still, I am truly sorry that you were put in that awkward position with your daughter. I don’t foresee topics like these popping up on a regular basis.

Thanks for taking the time to send the email.

You be the judge. Is it a fair comparison? I clearly think it's appropriate.

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