Though 'Dexter''s final season has been laughable at times, our long national nightmare comes to a close this coming Sunday with the Showtime serial killer's final installment "Remember the Monsters." And while we're not altogether optimistic 'Dexter' will pull out of its tailspin before the end, two new series finale sneak peeks tease an emotional climax for one of our mortally wounded favorite characters.

Spoilers be warned, but the first sneak peek from the 'Dexter' season finale sees Deb in relatively stable condition following a gunshot wound from the now-escaped Oliver Saxon/Daniel Vogel (Darri Ingolffson). Quinn remains by her side on the way to the hospital, but judging from her emotional state, might Deb look to make a few confessions in fear of the approaching end?

Later, 'Dexter' visits his sister at the hospital with Harrison, only to find Elway lurking about to catch Dexter in the act of returning to Hannah. We're all for a happy ending, but it certainly doesn't look as if Dexter will easily be making his flight to Argentina, assuming Hannah doesn't get picked up at the airport before then anyway.

It's all come down to this for the final season of 'Dexter,' so what do we think? Will a major character suffer the consequences next Sunday, or will 'Dexter' go on to live his perfect life with Hannah as planned? Will his secret be exposed in the meantime? Preview 'Dexter''s series finale in the clips above and below, giving us your predictions in the comments!

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