Along with some super-potent bug killing agents, Bungie has taken a look at player complaints about some of Destiny's most beloved exotics.

Players were reporting to Bungie that some of their favorite exotics were under-performing. So, with its newest update, Bungie addressed these complaints and fixed (or didn't), the exotics that needed some tweaks. To start out with, Thorn's Mark of the Devourer perk was acting a little funny. Instead of dealing five damage per second when lodged into enemies' armor, it was dealing three. Josh Hamrick, one of Bungie's sandbox designers, declared that, "Soon, Thorn will be restored to its former glory... And then some." However, when investigating other purported nerfs to exotics, Bungie found out that its players were just plain wrong. DeeJ, Bungie Community Manager, playfully pointed out, after proving that Last Word is still working as it should be, "You still have to aim that thing."

DeeJ also pointed out that exotics are about to come off the workbench and now is the time to covet them. "We'll be shuffling the cards before The Dark Below launches. Just in time for fresh targets." So, if you want to heed his words, you can play Destiny now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.