If you're a Destiny Expansion Pass holder and always loved the Michael Bay version of Optimus Prime, then you're going to love this.

Game Informer reports that the Destiny Expansion Pass, which includes the first and second DLC packs, now includes a bonus that Bungie teased last week. When you unwrap this gift, you will find an exclusive Sparrow mount that's emblazoned with flames, which makes it look like Optimus Prime's thinner relative.

Not only does this sparrow look hot, but the tricks it has up its wings are equally as cool. With it, you can roll in midair while cruising along at top speed. Just hold down the Right Trigger or R2 and use your left thumbstick to roll -- just try not to crash.

Don't forget to get your raid gear ready by Dec. 9 for Destiny's first major expansion, The Dark Below.