Whether you're a Yankees fan or not, you have to appreciate Derek Jeter as a class act and role model player for all of Major League Baseball. And tonight, Jeter gets his last at bats at Yankee Stadium, before retiring at the end of the season.

Derek Jeter Shirt
photo by Greg McShea

Derek Jeter has had his impact on the  McShea family as well. Earlier today, I found this #2 Derek Jeter shirt in the laundry basket. And many years ago, I took my then 10-year old son to a Yankee game, and when legendary PA announcer Bob Sheppard introduced "Numbah Two, Derek Jetah", the crowd went wild! To demonstrate how long Jeter has been a Yankee, my son has since graduated college.

Here's more on Derek Jeter's final days in baseball, according to an AP article on aol.com:

"NEW YORK (AP) - When Derek Jeter puts on New York's navy pinstripes Thursday for one final home game, it won't matter to a packed Yankee Stadium that there's no postseason play on the line.

Teammates. Friends. Family. Fans. They will all be there for only one reason: to thank the captain.

"I think (Thursday) will be the culmination of all the love he has been shown and all the appreciation he has been shown this year and his career," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "I think it'll be something we'll remember for a long time.

After a season-long farewell tour around the major leagues, the New York Yankees - weather permitting - will play one last home game with No. 2 as their shortstop. If the first seven games of the team's final homestand of 2014 is any indication, Jeter is in for a sendoff not seen at the Ballpark in the Bronx since perhaps Mickey Mantle retired.

The Yankees still have three more games to play, in Boston, and whether Jeter dons New York's road grays will be up to him. Girardi said he hopes to get a few minutes before the game Thursday to ask the last player to wear a single-digit number for the club what he would like to do."

Let's take a look at Derek Jeter's incredible career: