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MLB Baseball PLayoffs Start This Week – Play Ball
If you don't pay much attention to Major League Baseball for much of the season, now it gets more interesting.  The baseball playoffs start this week, and I love watching them, even though my team didn't make it (Although, I do have a team in the National League that I'm pulling for).
Here’s To Baseball From Budweiser
Beer and Major League Baseball have had a long love affair, and the honeymoon isn't over. Maybe you've seen the billboards entitled, "Here's To Baseball" from Budweiser beer. And, if you've been shopping for beer lately, you may have seen some of these.
2014 Season Begins
A sure sign of springs is when "The Boys Of Summer" are back in action. And the 2014 Major League Baseball season is underway (sort of). If you're a baseball fan, you know that the L.A. Dodgers swept two regular season games  over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia. Now the wait is on for the start of the season back in the USA.
Spring Training Underway
Even though central New York is in the midst of winter, Major League Baseball spring training is underway, and that's a good sign of warmer days ahead. Tourists visiting these spring training sites and attending exhibition games has become big business. Here are the details.