Timing is everything. And for New York Conservation Officers, their timing put them in the right place at the right time to assist people involved in a plane crash and two snowmobile accidents.

Officer DeRose was training with K9 Cramer in a wooded area near Farmingdale State College when a family informed him they had witnessed a small plane crash. Contacting Suffolk County Police the officer learned there had been no reports of crash. Searching the area he found Nassau County Police working a crash site involving a small, double-engine plane. While emergency personnel extricated the pilot, DeRose worked with local fire departments on the use of proper fire suppression and evaluate any fuel spills. The investigation determined the crash occurred after the plane's engines ran out of fuel. A minimal amount of fuel was spilled, contained, and had minimal environmental impacts.

Plane Crash in Suffolk County

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Conservation Officers Manns and Hilliard were on a snowmobile patrol in the Town of Caroga when came they found a snowmobile on fire. The operator was un-injured but the sled was destroyed. After cordoning off the area for further investigation, the officers were stopped by other riders and informed of a snowmobile accident with injuries. Fortunately, the operator only suffered minor injuries after leaving the trail and striking trees.

Snowmobile Fire

Both instances are good of examples of how important being prepared for outdoor activities can be in New York. Wear the proper clothing and safety gear when on the trails, always take emergency supplies along, make sure your machine is in good working order and check for fuel and oil leaks. The New York Park Department has more tips on snowmobiling safety and etiquette on their website.

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