Six ski areas that are less than 90 minutes from Utica. 

Gore Mountain is the largest big mountain that is inside that two and a half hour window. As any avid skier will tell you Gore can be at least three hours or longer if we have a big storm roll through. While it still is a day trip but a mighty long day trip if you are the driver. Keep in mind traveling 2 to 3 hours after a ripping day on the slopes will make you tried before you even start. That having been said If you are an avid downhill skier with one day to ski I've listed 6 areas that are less than 90 minutes from Utica. That gives you between 4 and 5 hours on the slopes and a total of 3 1/2 hours over and back a solid day so to speak.

Greek Peak  - 2000 St. Rt. 392, Cortland, NY

Woods Valley -  9100 St. Rt. 46, Westernville, NY

Toggenburg - 1135 Toggenburg Rd. Fabius, NY

Labrador - Rt. 91 Truxton, NY

Song Mtn - Song Mt. Rd., Tully, NY

Snow Ridge - 4173 West Rd., Turin, NY

Yes, these are all good areas for families. The bigger resorts and slopes with larger vertical for the hard core skiers are 3 to 6 hour drive from CNY given the weather and make a great weekend trip.






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