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Carrie Underwood Teaming Up With Aerosmith


Carrie Underwood and Aerosmith are teaming up. Carrie will be featured on Aerosmith's new album, Music From Another Dimension, which drops in November. Carrie's inclusion on the track was reportedly in hopes of attracting a whole other audience to Aerosmith.


Space Smells


Space actually has its own smell, a scent that astronauts have been consistent in reporting in terms of being metallic or like seared meat, The Atlantic reports. Astronauts are able to smell the odor after they return from space walks and remove their helmets, with the scent clinging to their suits. NASA is now trying to reproduce that smell for training purposes.


"Do Us a Flavor" Contest


Lay's is turning to its customers for its new potato chip flavor, launching its "Do Us a Flavor" contest with the winner getting $1 million or one percent of their flavor's 2013 sales, whichever is higher. People can submit their flavor ideas on Lay's Facebook page from now until October 6th, with the winning flavor being revealed in 2013, for Lay's 75th anniversary.


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