Rock Week continued on Tuesday’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ elimination, when Kiss did yet another live performance and one contestant hung up their dancing shoes for good.

Whose bare feet pitter-pattered out of the ballroom?

But first, some backstage drama.

As we mentioned on performance night, Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s routine was marred when he slipped and fell at the end, and she was later rushed out of the ballroom and taken to the hospital. Early Tuesday we learned that she’s okay but suffered whiplash and a concussion, and when slo-mo video of their dance was replayed, it was suddenly evident how both Maks fell and Melissa injured herself — her head hit his shin during a floor spin. Ow.

Backstage footage showed a truly bizarre scene — the erstwhile Laura Ingalls stretched out on a sofa with an oxygen mask strapped to her face as Gene Simmons in full Kiss regalia stood nearby with a worried look on his face. (Hi, colliding worlds! Hi!)

Under doctor’s orders, she wasn’t at the results show, but Melissa and Maks were announced as the first safe couple who will be dancing next week, assuming she’s able, of course.

The second safe couple was Gavin and Karina, finally breaking their run of bottom-two finishes.

The judges chose Donald and Peta to give this season’s first Encore Dance, an honor bestowed on the couple whose Monday-night performance the judges liked best. (We think they made an excellent choice; it was our favorite, too.)

Next safe couples:
Maria and Derek, Jaleel and Kym, Donald and Peta, and Gladys and Tristan.
That last one was a bit of a surprise since they had the lowest judges’ scores on Monday, but apparently the fans rallied and voted for them.

The first couple in jeopardy was Roshon and Chelsie. Their dance on Monday was well-received by the judges but since this is the Disney star’s second time in the bottom two, he seems to be having trouble getting audience votes.

Next safe couples:
Katherine and Mark, and William and Cheryl.

That left Sherri and Val as the second couple in the bottom two.

The judges expressed shock at who the bottom pairs were, emphasizing how talented this season’s pack of competitors are (true, that).

And the couple voted out was … Sherri and Val. Which is kind of a shame because we’d just started to warm up to her exuberant personality, and she looked truly devastated to be leaving.

It only gets tougher from here. See you next week.

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