Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking President Trump to lead by example and put on a mask.

Cuomo is calling on the President to issue an Executive Order requiring everyone to wear a mask to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

At a press briefing today, Cuomo said before large malls can re-open, they must have an air filtration system that can filter out the COVID-19 virus.

Cuomo also says fireworks are illegal and dangerous and they’ve been an issue across the state.

He says State Police will start a fireworks detail to prevent illegal fireworks from being brought into New York from Pennsylvania.

As far as the latest coronavirus numbers go, Cuomo says there were 853 hospitalizations on Sunday, the fewest since March 18th, while just 0.84 percent of the over 46,000 tests conducted yesterday came back positive.

There were 7 COVID-19 fatalities on Sunday.

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