Governor Andrew Cuomo says over 97,000 coronavirus tests were reported yesterday and just over one-percent were positive.

Total hospitalizations are at 605 and there were nine COVID fatalities on Tuesday.

Cuomo says the state is continuing to focus on the hot spot ZIP codes that show higher positivity rates than the rest of the state.

He says almost 25 percent of yesterday’s positive cases were from just 20 hotspot ZIP codes.

The governor says they’re targeting those clusters immediately to prevent community spread.

"We're dealing with the cluster situation. We've had clusters in the past stemming from factories, churches, bars and other locations. Remember we started with New Rochelle, the first hotspot in the United States, which stemmed from someone who attended a religious gathering and then a wedding. And that was the first super spreader event, so we're quite familiar with this, and when there's a cluster, we are very aggressive on it and we're oversampling in the clusters," said Cuomo.


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