New York's ban on flavored e-cigarettes will soon be expanding.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's accepted a recommendation from New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker to include menthol in the ban on the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids..

Cuomo says new data shows an alarming increase in menthol and mint vaping among youth.

It is clear that vape and e-cigarette companies are using flavors to get young people hooked on their products, and in New York we have taken several actions to put an end to this marketing tactic," Cuomo said. "In addition to the ban on flavored e-cigarettes already in place and after a thorough evaluation, Commissioner Zucker has recommended a ban on menthol flavored e-cigarettes - I am accepting his recommendation and directing him to hold an emergency meeting to adopt this additional ban at the earliest practicable date.

New York, Michigan and Rhode Island have recently banned flavored vaping products.

New York is being sued by two vaping chain stores and a national trade group over its ban.

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