I am deathly afraid of heights. This video had me holding on the counter top for dear life. This person is absolutely nuts for riding the white line on a huge rock in Sedona, Arizona. I think this is filmed by using a drone. 

Marshall Mullen/YouTube

Of course calling him crazy is only my opinion. I think he's foolish because I would never do that! It gives me vertigo just watching this. LOL. That's a lot of danger for the adrenalin rush. If he fell do you think he could survive it? Heck no!!!

After watching this again it still has the same effect on me. I'm terrified. Could you do that? It's downright insane. This is what Jose had to say about why someone would do this

It's a gene mutation in the American community that affects the hormones and neurons, making them seek higher thrills (hence, The X Games).  These guys have a super-human DNA and their brain receptors don't perceive fear or pain like we do.  All we have to say is, "Only in America!"