We've heard a lot of grumbling from fans that Disney plans on making an "Star Wars Episode 7". Many fear that Disney will destroy the great name across the galaxy. What if we saw some original cast members? Would that change your mind? 

If Carrie Fisher gets her way she may break out the white robes and become Princess Leia again. The actress tells TMZ, she'd love to star in the next installment.

Carrie was at LAX yesterday when we asked if she'd accept a role in "Episode 7" she said, "Yes. Sure. Wouldn't you?" It would make sense too because "Episode 7" would follow "Return of the Jedi" in the Stars Wars timeline, meaning Leia could conceivably be a lot older in the new movie.

So if Leia is back should other cast members come back too? Who would you like to see in the new Star Wars?



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