And how are you doing so far enjoying the summer heat? It's gotta be better than dealing with the winter cold and four feet of snow we experienced several months ago. I love summer and the warmth that comes with it, but when temperatures get to the point where they are this week, it's certainly a bit of a challenge.

The National Weather Service has our area in a heat advisory for Tuesday (6/29) and even though we'll be experiencing rain and thunderstorms, the temperatures will still be in the 80s for another day or so before heading into more comfortable 70s, which I will certainly be looking forward to.

But summer has a long way to go (thankfully) and with it, more hot and humid temperatures to boot. So how do we keep cool over the next couple of months or so? Well, air-conditioned places are the best way to keep cool if that's a possibility for you.

If you don't have an air-conditioner, the U.S. Department of Energy has some tips to help cool down your home including window treatments, opening up an awning if you have one, and having proper attic insulation, among other ideas. Closing your window shades can also help keep the heat out.

The DOE notes that cutting back on the use of appliances that generate heat is a good idea, and ventilation can be a big factor keeping your home cooler. Obviously the use of fans will help. Ceiling fans are a great way to help keep you cool. The bigger the fan, the better depending on the size of the room. Also, be sure the blades are moving counterclockwise. This pushes the air down for a cooling effect. Run your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter to bring the cool air up and help keep the warm air down.

The DOE explains that running a ceiling fan counterclockwise will create a wind-chill effect and you will feel cooler, although the room temperature won't get cooler. Check out DOE suggestions for more detailed ways to keep cool with a ceiling fan and ventilating your home.

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And if you have pets, do what you can to keep them cool. Make sure they have plenty of water available, shade, and avoid walking them during the heat of the day, and keep them off concrete sidewalks and pavements. The heat on those surfaces will do major damage to your pets paws.

Keep cool and enjoy the summer!

via U.S. Department of Energy, NOAA

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