With graduation a good half-year away still, the resulting ceremonies will likely have a good dose of boredom to go along with the excitement that's been building up for 17 (or more) years of grinding through school. Besides the occasional student who breaks up the monotony by accepting their diploma in goofy rebellion, who better to wring out the stiffness than comedian speakers.

We may not usually associate funny-men with life intelligence due to their antics, but that's exactly how they make us laugh so hard: making fun of life's seriousness. First up is Tim Minchin, underrated comedian and musician with his 9 truths of life...



And now for a supreme funny man, but with a more sombre tone and an inescapable message that transcends graduation day.



And the most epic speech ever from Seth MacFarlane as he admonishes Harvard students in the voices of the Family Guy characters he created.


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