The CNY SPCA says there is "no evidence of abuse" after an investigation into the condition of three dogs in Utica captured on a video that's been widely shared on social media.

A video depicting the dogs has been circulating on social media, and appears to show the dogs being kept in questionable conditions.

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In a statement, the City of Utica said the case has been referred to the SPCA, and PETA has been notified. The city issued citations to the owner for the dogs being unlicensed and for failure to provide proof of vaccinations for each dog.

The CNY SPCA says the dogs do not appear to be emaciated, and have been kept inside the house. William Pulaski, the lead investigator for the CNY SPCA, tells WKTV there was no evidence one of the dogs was repeatedly tied to a tree, as suggested by the video.

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