Overall the two fishermen had 134 fish in their cooler 84 over the limit of 50 per day on sunfish.

Two Cayuga County officers were getting ready to conduct a boat patrol of the Seneca River. While one officer waited for the other to show up he checked several people fishing from the shore.

One woman had 64 sunfish and bluegills in her bucket, 14 over the daily limit. Her husband was found with fish under the limit. Just as a matter, of course, one officer checked the trunk of their vehicle, he discovered more sunfish and bluegills in a cooler mixed with carp and catfish.

Overall, the two fishermen had 134 sunfish. and each angler was issued tickets for taking over the daily limit. Just a normal day for the two DEC officers, not really, then there was the two men spearfishing on the Owasco Outlet at Emerson Park. The officers watched two men with what appeared to be spear guns. In case you didn't know it is illegal to use spearguns in New York State for freshwater fishing.

Both men were issued tickets for fishing by means other than angling. Just another day with the officers of the DEC.

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