As the closing date nears for the West Winfield Great American, longtime employees are saying their goodbyes as Mayor Andy Bryce scrambles to bus the elderly to another grocery store.

The West Winfield Great American store was supposed to be open until February 28th, but Steve Chapple, General Manager, told us they're shutting the doors February 23 or sooner. That was bad news for West Winfield Mayor Andy Bryce who is "very unhappy." He has been arranging bus service around the initial closing date issued by the store, to take the elderly to the Richfield Springs Price Chopper to buy their groceries.

Now they're scrambling because of the threat of the store closing at any minute. Thankfully the West Winfield School is pitching in to help the community offering some flexibility with bussing residents to buy food. Bryce says with 900 residents in the Village and 2,800 in the Town of West Winfield, losing a grocery store will have a big impact, and we have to help those who need it.

Here is an open letter thanking the community from the staff and Steve Chapple, General Manager, of West Winfield Great American.

To the people of West Winfield,
I and my staff would like to thank you for your many years of support. We have been through a bankruptcy and five ownership changes. Myself and my core of full-timers Carolyn, JoAnne, Stephanie, Dave, Dean, Terry and the countless number of part-time people we’ve employed through the years have been a huge part of making this place go. Sadness overcomes me as I sit here and write the last schedule I’ll ever write here. Yet I manage a smile as I think back 24 years to Fred (my 1st meat Mgr) always joking "it won’t be long now." Well Fred it took a little bit longer than you thought but you were right. I personally have spent half of my life in this community, 26 years at the Great American. I have made many friends who are like family. Of course my work family without them there wouldn’t have been Great American. Thank you to the 100’s of people we’ve had working with us. Thank you to the WW Rotary who every holiday made a lot of peoples holiday that much brighter. To all my vendors who’ve become friends over the years, it was great working with you! Last but definitely not least to you, our customers that have passed through our doors every day we THANK YOU! A special thank you to all of you who took the time to make us treats and offer your good wishes, that means a lot! We will miss all of you! It is a sad day for all of us in this village. I can only hope that whoever comes in here works half as hard as we did to make you happy. Take care and God bless
Steve and staff at Great American

B-K Five owner of West Winfield Great American also owns the Great American in Sidney, and there are no plans for closing or selling that store.

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