Have you ever wanted to own a rare piece of the classic car world? Well now you can. Take a look at the one of a kind Troy Roadster. It’s the only one ever made. 

Wally Troy was the first official Jaguar dealer in the state of Illinois. And he was a gifted craftsman with a big dream. The dream was to build a street legal race car and he achieved this in 1959 with the remarkable Troy Roadster pictured here. This car is a true one-off, the only car ever built. A fantastic design featuring a carefully handcrafted aluminum body. The car resembles clearly the European open wheel racers of the 50’s with almost no overhang on the front or back. The drive train is Chevrolet. It carries a tubular frame and belly pan which spells out racing right there.”

It looks like the Hot Wheel you always wanted, and you can buy this baby for a smooth $115,000.

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