Over the weekend we got blessed with some very nice weather here in Central New York and that can only mean one thing: Classic Car Cruise-In. We got to meet Eileen Fernalld and her 1966 Chevy Corvair.

Eileen always wanted to be “a blonde in a convertible”. This car was completely restored and given to her as a gift from her son. Seeing it over the weekend was incredible, it’s truly one of the best classic cars in Central New York.

The Corvair that Eileen owns is part of the Second Generation manufactured between 1965-1969. In 1965, Car and Driver magazine's David E. Davis Jr. showed pretty big enthusiasm in their October 1964 issue:

"We have to go on record and say that the Corvair is — in our opinion — the most important new car of the entire crop of '65 models, and the most beautiful car to appear in this country since before World War II." "When the pictures of the '65 Corvair arrived in our offices, the man who opened the envelope actually let out a great shout of delight and amazement on first seeing the car, and in thirty seconds the whole staff was charging around, each wanting to be the first to show somebody else, each wanting the vicarious kick of hearing that characteristic war-whoop from the first-time viewer." "Our ardor had cooled a little by the time we got to drive the cars — then we went nuts all over again. The new rear suspension, the new softer spring rates in front, the bigger brakes, the addition of some more power, all these factors had us driving around like idiots — zooming around the handling loop dragging with each other, standing on the brakes — until we had to reluctantly turn the car over to some other impatient journalist ... The '65 Corvair is an outstanding car. It doesn't go fast enough, but we love it."





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