I had a great time with a bunch of my friends in Myrtle Beach. Just a 4 day mini vacation. Fly in on Friday and fly out on Monday. I expected consequences from the trip. 

  • Coming home to a VERY messy house.
  • Lots of dirty dishes.
  • Filthy floors.
  • A ton of laundry to do.
  • Four days of takeout boxes in the fridge that for some reason only I can throw away.

The one thing I didn't expect was a dirty car. It doesn't even have 500 miles on it. It's OK I tell myself. I can take it to the car wash. Then I find myself procrastinating because I'm scared. I had a bad experience in one of these when I was younger. I tried to drive on to the rail thing that pulls you through and I didn't do it right. I got stuck. I was driving a Mazda RX-7 standard 5 speed that I didn't drive very well to begin with. Actually I'm not a good driver at all. They had to turn the car wash off with a long line of cars waiting behind me. A bunch of guy's that worked there literally had to pick the front end of my car up to get it on the track. I told myself I can NEVER go through that embarrassment again. Look at me now.

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