When I read this story from NBC News I couldn't stop thinking about it.

A quick recap as reported by NBC NEWS is a man goes missing in a Bumble Bee Foods factory and they found him in a 35-foot-long oven. They filled the pressure cooker with 12,000 pounds of canned tuna and then turned it on.They found his body 2 hours later when it was opened. He was obviously dead.

What if they didn't notice him missing? Could he have been mixed in with the tuna? Would the tuna have looked different? Do they even test tuna after it's pressure cooked? Tuna is a staple in my life right now trying to eat a little healthier and shed a few pounds for summer. Tuna is served to our kids in school, our parents and grandparents in nursing homes. Tuna is served in just about every restaurant I know of.

For the time being I only want fresh tuna. I'll pass on the canned tuna for now because you never know.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images