Yesterday, 38-year-old Chris Angelo of New Jersey wanted to bring much more needed attention to the Superstorm Sandy relief effort by placing an American Flag on a submerged roller coaster in Seaside Heights. What happened next you ask? He got arrested. 

Chris swam to the coaster, climbed it, and planted the flag. Police didn't say specifically why he was arrested. It must be connected to a trespassing charge though if we had our guess.

Speaking with News 12 New Jersey, the mother of 38-year-old Chris Angelo of Lakewood said he had been displaced by Superstorm Sandy and was seeking to draw attention to Jersey Shore recovery efforts. Diane Angulo said her son, a tree service owner, had planned to remain atop the coaster for several days, but State Police managed to talk him down after only a short while.”

It's kind of a symbolic photo, reminds you of seeing the flag on the Moon right?

Do you think Chris should have been arrested?



[via Gawker]