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American Flag Mis-Placed?
Yesterday, 38-year-old Chris Angelo of New Jersey wanted to bring much more needed attention to the Superstorm Sandy relief effort by placing an American Flag on a submerged roller coaster in Seaside Heights. What happened next you ask? He got arrested.
Possible Chemical Spill Reported
Our friends in New Jersey never seem to get a break. First Hurricane Sandy, and not this. There are reports that four tank cars from a train wreck were dumped into Mantua Creek in Paulsboro, New Jersey on Friday (11/30). There are reports that they are leaking vinyl chloride.
Atlantic City Sandy Photos
Sandy pummeled the East Coast, hitting the Jersey Shore hard and leaving millions without power. Our friends at New Jersey 101.5 have been asking listeners to send photos in of all the damage from Sandy. Here's Atlantic City Sandy damage photos.

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