Two children on the Comet II roller coaster at the New York State Fair were injured when one of the cars stopped and the other didn't. WKTV reports the children are from New Hartford and Sauquoit. 

WKTV is reporting the 2 boys, Ryan Grossman, 8, of New Hartford and Nathan Kelly, 9, of Sauquoit, were on the roller coaster sitting near the end when they were hit. The children are still sore in their legs and back but are doing ok. reports the 2 children were taken to the infirmary and are a little shaken up. Following the incident,

The roller coaster, the Comet II, has been shut down.

Three sets of inspectors are investigating the incident, [Wade Tours President Frank] Zaitshik said. The ride inspectors are from the New York State Department of Labor, Department of Agriculture & Markets, and a private consultant.

The Comet II was reopened on August 29th (the next day) after it was discovered the crash was a result of operator error and not a mechanical error according to 

Comet II, a single-car roller coaster which originated at the Texas State Fair, has traveled with Wade Shows since 2010. This year is the first time the Comet II has been on the NYS fairgrounds, replacing the RC-48 roller coaster.

The Comet II was one of 13 new rides at the 2015 New York State Fair.

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