CineFix is back to show us what's beyond the rabbit hole in this amazing 8-bit rendition of 'The Matrix'.

While CineFix's depiction of 'The Matrix' skips all the bleak and dreary parts of the movie, we're glad it was made like that. The 8-bit Matrix takes us to all the cool parts of the film without having to imagine Ted "Theodore" Logan's voice saying, "I know kung fu," or having to hear the cryptic Oracle speak in riddles. All we have in this video are 'The Matrix's action sequences, which would make one hell of a retro game, including that epic dojo scene with Morpheus. The decision to make Neo's adventures look like a side-scrolling beat 'em up is perfect. We must applaud CineFix for keeping up the green hue color scheme that the movie used to remind us we were still plugged in.

If you want to see more of CineFix's awesome 8-bit re-imaginings, check out its YouTube channel.

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