As a provision in the newly passed NY State budget, all brand new public bathrooms or newly renovated ones will be required to sport a diaper changing station. The best part for fathers-they have to be in the men's restrooms too!

There's little worse as a parent than needing to change your child's diaper in a public place (usually restaurants,) only to go to the restrooms and find that no changing tables exist. Many a parent can attest to the slight horror one feels in this situation and we've all got stories from having to get 'creative' while remaining discreet, thereby avoiding stares from judgemental eyes.

While I'm excited for this improvement, as a parent to kids who are nearly out of this phase, I am a bit sore too as similar to the new laws regarding paid family leave for both fathers and mothers when having a new baby, many of us will never experience these benefits. Well, until the grandkids come along that is (which I hope is a loooong way off!)

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