One of the most iconic summer traditions for people in Central New York is picnicking with the main course being burgers and a delicious Hofmann hot dog. These delicious dogs come in many varieties, but all have one thing in common. They were made fresh close to home in Syracuse, NY. Their flavors are unmistakable and set a standard for summer dining, and one concerned citizen is asking "What happened to Hofmann hot dogs?"

In a text post on the Syracuse subreddit one user said,

Bought a pack of Hoffman German Franks the other day and they taste different. They taste like they're more dense or tougher and the flavor is different. Anybody else notice this?

A number of people responded to this post with a variety of theories as to the claim. One person said,

the dogs in the restaurants are made here in Syracuse. The dogs you buy prepackaged in the stores are made in Wisconsin.

Another said,

Yeah! I moved to CA a few years back, but I have my parents bring me some Hofmann's Snappy Grillers (Coneys or White Hots) whenever they come visit. The last delivery is definitely different. It tastes... IDK... sausagier?

Others claim they tasted the same as they ever have. There could be several reasons why a recipe may not taste the same. The Hofmann name has been synonymous with quality since the company started in the Salt City in 1879. Put the Hofmann up against any competitor today and it would be no contest as to the better dog.

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