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Did Something Happen to Hofmann Hot Dogs?
One of the most iconic summer traditions for people in Central New York is picnicking with the main course being burgers and a delicious Hofmann hot dog. These delicious dogs come in many varieties, but all have one thing in common. They were made fresh close to home in Syracuse, NY. Their flavors a…
Where can you buy Honest John's Hot Dogs?
It was learned during the Keeler show on WIBX recently that the iconic Voss's in Yorkville has decided to change their award winning hot dog and replace it with a product made in Western New York.
That move has caused tremendous push-back from thousands of Greater Utica fans...
Texas Rangers Offer $26 Hot Dog
Baseball is in full swing and that can only mean one thing: an empty wallet. We all love going o the games, but we all don’t love spending a fortune on the food and beer. If you really love hot dogs, you might want to skip a Texas Rangers game this summer.

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