Fate hit in Syracuse as Christopher Kimbrough hit it big winning $3 million in New York Lottery scratch-off.

Kimbrough chose to receive his prize in one lump sum of $1,598,884 after withholdings. Kimbrough said he stopped at the gas station after work and the bright colors of the $3,000,000 Mayhem ticket caught his attention, so he purchased two tickets. Kimbrough said he won $20 on the first ticket.

"I figured I won my money back, then I got to this one" Kimbrough said referring to the jackpot-winning ticket."And I said whatever I win this one will just be a bonus.

Kimbrough realized that the prize said"Jackpot but he didn't believe he won at first so he called his Roberta Cirtwell to come over" I said, Mom you need to look at this ticket," he said. Cirtwell looked at the ticket twice to confirm that it said jackpot, Kimbrough said."

Kimbrough said he hasn't made any final decisions on how to spend his winnings his winnings but said he plans to take a vacation.

As of Monday, there are still three top-prize winning tickets unclaimed and six $10,000 second-prize winning tickets still available.

Will you be next?


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