If you have kids you've heard some pretty lame excuses. A Central New York Hunter may have topped the list with an all-time lame tale when busted for shooting a buck out of season.

Officers With Deer Taken Out of Season

Conservation Officer Spencer Noyes with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation responded to call at the Oriskany Flats Wildlife Management Area in Whitestown. A report claimed two men were carrying rifles and dragging a buck from the woods.  As he arrived at the scene the men removed their camo clothing and tried to flee on foot. As usual, fleeing rarely works and the two were apprehended and questioned.

One of the men admitted to "accidentally" shooting the deer. His lame excuse? Mistaken identity, he thought it was a squirrel. The best part may be the ensuing investigation, the weapon used to take the buck was a rifle with a scope.

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